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Where does all the thyme go?

Where has the week gone? Where has the summer gone? Why did my herbs die while I was IN TOWN? I could understand if they died while I was on one of my 3 or 4-week trips, but I have been home for almost 3 months! They were thriving when I finally returned home at the end of April, then within weeks I found myself sending Bill over to the neighbor’s to steal rosemary. Why did they leave me before their thyme was up (literally)? As for stealing herbs from our neighbors, don’t think bad of us – we invited the neighbors over to partake in the dinner that featured the ill-gotten rosemary… and they loved it! As much as I would love to have a green thumb, it remains a constant shade of brown. Anyway, back to the main reason for this post…

Yesterday was unusual for us. We had an 8:30AM appointment then had the rest of the day off. YAY!!!! We decided to beg some friends to model for us so Bill could test out his infrared film that he has decided to experiment with. Yes, folks, we dusted off the old film camera and actually used it for something other than a doorstop. As film is quickly becoming a lost art, Bill is very excited to start working with it again. I am not sure what motivated him – his quest to constantly expand our horizons and what we can offer out clients, or the fact that his alma mater has decided to phase out the education of film photography and will only be teaching digital photography (gasp!) Whatever his motivation, it was a fun and hot afternoon followed by a great lunch at Maharaja in Fort Worth and a quick visit to the Container Store.

A huge Thanks goes out to Mike & Heather for being such great sports. Mike & Heather are one of the sweetest couples we know AND they are loads of fun to hang out with. We had a great afternoon and can’t wait to get the infrared images back. In the meantime, here are a few pics I snapped while Bill was doing the infrared thing…

We spent some time at the Kimball Art Museum:
… then moved on to the Fort Worth Botanical Garden:
Happy 6th Anniversary, guys!

  • Anonymous - Tanya, this is NOT the year for Rosemary… I bought a nice one this spring too and it also died and yet the basil I bought is doing great! I have had Rosemary before and they always grew nicely… not sure what happened this year. Oh, well… keep snitching from the neighbours and you’ll be okay… mom

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