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The start of a new work week…

Well, here we are, Friday at midnight and our work week has begun. For those of us who work in the wedding and special event industry, our typical work week is nothing like a regular job. We stay up late most nights. Sometimes we have to sleep in late, but only because we were working until 3AM the night before. We should be allowed to sleep until 9AM in that case, don’t you think? We work most Saturdays and Sundays and we take our days off in the middle of the week. We work through the summer and take our vacations in January. Have you ever spent your vacation in New York and Washington DC in a snowstorm in January? We have. And we loved every minute of it. This is the life we have chosen, and while it may seem strange to some of our family and friends, we wouldn’t change it for anything. We love every second of it!

Today was a typical Friday for us… we charged mountains of batteries, packed our lighting equipment, cleaned CCD’s and lenses and formatted dozens of media cards. We also had time to go to our neighborhood Friday night happy hour to wish our good friend, Mike, a happy birthday (Happy B-day, Mike!). It was the perfect opportunity to test out our new lens. We bought a 12-24mm lens today and I am LOVING it so far, can’t wait to use it at tomorrow’s wedding. Thanks to Bill for driving through Friday afternoon traffic to buy it – he’s a great husband and business partner, and he is a good sport to put up with my wacky ideas.

I guess it is time to shut down the computer and set the alarm for 7AM. I have gone through my checklist and we are ready to roll! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and for all of our fellow photographers, I hope you have a great start to your work week!

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