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It was only 8:30AM yet the temperature had already reached 85º. We all knew it was only going to get hotter, but as we headed through the park, Morgan and Kendall played with their dogs and seemed oblivious to the impending heat of the day. I guess that is one of the beautiful things about love – the ability to shut out the rest of the world and live within your own contentment for a while.

Morgan and Kendall are one of those magical couples that met in pre-school, grew up together, started dating in high school, and have been together ever since. Over the years, their lives and their families have grown together to give them a solid footing on which to start their amazing journey to marriage and we are honored to be a small part it.

We had such a great time with Morgan and Kendall that you can imagine my surprise when I realized I hadn’t posted any of their engagement photos to the blog yet – especially since one of their images was the Feature Photo in our newsletter a couple of months ago! Time sure flies, doesn’t it?









Carmen looked at Zach and laughed as she wiped a little bit of lipstick off his face.  It was humid and raining and she was worried her hair would start to frizz, but as they laughed together her concerns disappeared.  All that really mattered was that in a few months they would finally be married. Despite the weather’s attempts to slow us down, we had a great time and captured some wonderful images that truly reflect Carmen & Zach’s personalities – can’t wait for their wedding next month!







As they walked through the tunnel, the bagpipes played and the wind caught her skirt.  Diana glanced at her dad and laughed, happy to see that he was enjoying every moment in his kilt.   At the end of the tunnel and up the stairs, Donnie was waiting for her on the patio of the Lonesome Dove and she realized that everything about the day was perfect – they had been blessed with perfect weather, they had found the perfect location, and she had found the perfect partner to share her life with.

The first time we met Diana and Donnie we chatted about almost everything.  We talked about so many things that they didn’t need to fill out our Getting to Know You form – we already had all the answers. Their intimate wedding was over 6 months away, but they had put so much thought and planning into the day that we knew it was going to be a fabulous affair.  And it was.












We love catching candid moments like this during the reception:



Where are our signature black & white images, you are asking?  This is possibly the first wedding we have shot where I only converted a single image into black and white. I admit I was amazed when I finished processing Diana & Donnie’s images and realized that I had left everything in full color.  The vibrant combination of Donnie’s red kilt, Diana’s red shoulder-wrap and her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair seemed to take over the day and black & white just didn’t suite it.

As I finished their album design, I found a single image that was perfect in black and white – not because I didn’t want to see the red kilt, but because there is so much going on around Diana & Donnie that the surroundings were distracting.  I was being stealthy while Bill took our gear back to the car – I don’t think they even knew I was following them…


Lindsey and Jon were destined to spend their lives together when they met in pre-school – they just didn’t know it yet. They hung around with the same friends in high school but didn’t date.  They both went off to Texas Tech, but didn’t date (at least not yet).  Then came Christmas break of 2006 and as fate would have it, they ran into each other when they were home for the holidays and the rest is history.  Lindsey likes to say that that Jon chased her all those years since that first meeting in pre-school, Jon likes to say it was the other way around.  We will never know which story is true, but we are excited to be a part of their big day!

We started off with some “porch-sitting”



followed up with a trip down memory lane (Arlington Heights High School)


these next two are quickly becoming signature shots for us.  First is the sign of the restaurant where Lindsey & Jon had dinner the night they were engaged


and our version of the ring shot










Here it is, the long-awaited sneak peek for Kelley & Tory – I couldn’t decide which one to post, so they are getting two!  This is one of my favorite cake cutting images so far this year –  there are so many moments that occur during the cake cutting that are missed because everyone is concentrating on that yummy slice of cake…


Bill caught the last kiss while the elevator doors closed as they escaped the party… well, the last kiss we would see 🙂


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