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Jeanna & Brian were married last weekend so we can finally show off her lovely bridal photos.  It was a surprisingly hot and sunny day at the Dallas Arboretum, but that didn’t phase Jeanna one bit. We had already postponed her bridal session once and we were doing it that day, rain or shine.  It was the end of the Tulips in Bloom season and we spent a lot of time dodging the other guests at the Arboretum, but we got some amazing images and we are excited to finally be able to show them off.  Check back in a few days for their sneak peak!

Location: Dallas Arboretum
Dress: Bliss Bridal Salon

As I started to put the finishing touches on Jennifer & Robert’s wedding album this morning, I suddenly realized that I never actually blogged their wedding! They are a gallery on our website, but their beautiful wedding at the Piazza in the Village never made it to the blog. I’d like to say I don’t know how that happened, but I know exactly how – I am just way behind on blogging. Without further ado, here it is!

A couple of months ago we headed down to New Orleans for Kathy & Mike’s wedding weekend. I say “wedding weekend” because it was truly a 3 day event.  It started with their Friday night rehearsal dinner at Cafe Giovanni and continued the next day at the Southern Oaks Plantation, then we ended our weekend with a Day After session in the French Quarter.

Kathy’s wedding day started off at the Dauphine Orleans Hotel where she hung out with her bridesmaids and her nephew (and a couple of groomsmen who dropped by). The feel of the day couldn’t have been more typically New Orleans – relaxing and laid back but with an underlying sense of excitement. Once everyone’s makeup and hair was done, we headed to Southern Oaks Plantation and waited for the guys (and guests) to arrive. The sun made a brilliant appearance as we arrived at the Plantation and we had some amazing light for their afternoon wedding. After a lively reception, we all headed back to the French Quarter. Kathy & Mike decided they wanted to walk down Bourbon Street before changing out of their wedding attire, so Bill tagged along.

Sorry folks, no photos from the party at Pat O’Briens later that night.  Well, maybe just one.

The reception ended in true New Orleans style with the second line dance. Since this was a destination wedding, none of the guests were from New Orleans so they didn’t quite understand what was going on ~ they caught on pretty quickly.

A New Orleans destination wouldn’t be complete without a jaunt down Bourbon Street with a bottle of bubbly

And last but not least, one of the tame photos from Pat O’Brien’s

Check back soon for the final post from Kathy & Mike’s wedding… their Day After session in the French Quarter.

While in the Bahamas we had the pleasure of working with Shawnette, an up and coming Bahamian model.  Well, truth be told, Tanya slept in while I met Shawnette on our last day there to do some photos for her portfolio… but Tanya was there in spirit (and post-processing) 🙂  Shawnette was very fun, has a great look and is a very good sport – I asked her to walk along the beach as the waves washed over her feet only to find out later that she does like being in the water.  Hard to believe since she lives on an island in the Caribbean. Congratulations and good luck with your career, Shawnette!


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As they walked through the tunnel, the bagpipes played and the wind caught her skirt.  Diana glanced at her dad and laughed, happy to see that he was enjoying every moment in his kilt.   At the end of the tunnel and up the stairs, Donnie was waiting for her on the patio of the Lonesome Dove and she realized that everything about the day was perfect – they had been blessed with perfect weather, they had found the perfect location, and she had found the perfect partner to share her life with.

The first time we met Diana and Donnie we chatted about almost everything.  We talked about so many things that they didn’t need to fill out our Getting to Know You form – we already had all the answers. Their intimate wedding was over 6 months away, but they had put so much thought and planning into the day that we knew it was going to be a fabulous affair.  And it was.












We love catching candid moments like this during the reception:



Where are our signature black & white images, you are asking?  This is possibly the first wedding we have shot where I only converted a single image into black and white. I admit I was amazed when I finished processing Diana & Donnie’s images and realized that I had left everything in full color.  The vibrant combination of Donnie’s red kilt, Diana’s red shoulder-wrap and her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair seemed to take over the day and black & white just didn’t suite it.

As I finished their album design, I found a single image that was perfect in black and white – not because I didn’t want to see the red kilt, but because there is so much going on around Diana & Donnie that the surroundings were distracting.  I was being stealthy while Bill took our gear back to the car – I don’t think they even knew I was following them…


Lindsey and Jon were destined to spend their lives together when they met in pre-school – they just didn’t know it yet. They hung around with the same friends in high school but didn’t date.  They both went off to Texas Tech, but didn’t date (at least not yet).  Then came Christmas break of 2006 and as fate would have it, they ran into each other when they were home for the holidays and the rest is history.  Lindsey likes to say that that Jon chased her all those years since that first meeting in pre-school, Jon likes to say it was the other way around.  We will never know which story is true, but we are excited to be a part of their big day!

We started off with some “porch-sitting”



followed up with a trip down memory lane (Arlington Heights High School)


these next two are quickly becoming signature shots for us.  First is the sign of the restaurant where Lindsey & Jon had dinner the night they were engaged


and our version of the ring shot










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A r c h i v e s
C a t e g o r i e s