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We have known Agnieszka for years and have photographed her many times, so when she emailed to tell us she was engaged we were over-the-top excited for her.  We finally got to meet Mateusz a few days before the wedding, and we were happy to discover that they are a match made in heaven.   We’ve had an amazing time getting to know Mati as well as his & Aga’s families over the past few days and we can’t thank everyone enough for their hospitality.  Congratulations to Agnieszka & Mateusz and thank you for making us a part of your special day!

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Aga & Mati have possibly the coolest wedding rings we have seen in a while – both have a personal inscription (Mati’s on the outside, Aga’s on the inside) and their rings have matching notches so they fit together.  I can’t think of anything more perfect for them.


Last weekend we had the great pleasure of photographing Uyen & Thanh’s wedding, and we were there for every part of it – the tea ceremony in the morning, the afternoon mass, and the party at night (who can pass up a 9-course Vietnamese dinner?).  We had so much fun getting to know their family and friends and I think it is safe the say that not only was the decor at Thanh Thanh stunning, EVERYONE had a blast!

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Gotta respect a flower girl who knows when it is time to take a nap 🙂


Then the cake was cut…. undefined

… and the toasts started!


Cody & Pat were married yesterday evening at the Las Colinas Country Club and do you know what you get when a sorority girl meets a fraternity guy at Texas Tech?  A PARTY!  And I mean, a big one!!!  Cody & Pat spent their day surrounded by their closest family and friends and I can’t think of a better way to start their life together.  They are one of those perfectly matched couples who are just meant to be together, and it was pretty clear that everyone in attendance agreed.  We’re not sure how late the party went after everyone headed back to the hotel, but we’re guessing it still might be going on 🙂

Congratulations to Cody & Pat and thank you so much for including us in your big day – enjoy your honeymoon! undefined undefined undefined

Umm… can we say Photo Booth Photo Bomber?


I gave infrared film a really good run.  I enjoyed the challenge of something incredibly hard in photography and yet fun and satisfying.  The results have been stunning.  However with the good, came the bad… the cost.  Film, processing and scanning was about $40 per roll.  Very hard to justify in a digital world.

However there was another option – we could convert one of our digital cameras to shoot infrared.  Lucky for us, we had a six year Nikon D70 that was still in good shape so last fall we sent it to California to have the conversion done.

Now we can take unlimited infrared photos and immediately see the results.  The photos are amazing.  It does take a sunny day and the trees and grass need to be green so you can see the infrared results.  More images to come this fall – we are developing quite a stash of infrared bridal portraits but we need to keep most of those under wraps for a few more months :).

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We started off our Memorial Day weekend with a bang – we got to shoot Lisa & Calin’s stunning evening wedding at Piazza in the Village last night.  Not only did we get to work with Michelle & David and the wonderful crew at the Piazza, Lisa paid so much attention to all the small details that it was a feast for the eyes.  I have to say, I am loving the bling-y, sparkly weddings we have been shooting lately :).  Huge thanks to Kim with Timeless Elegance Weddings for keeping everything running on time (and making it all look gorgeous!), Fitz with The DJ Flip for keeping the party going, The Dallas Black Dance Academy for getting the dance rocking, and especially to Lisa & Calin and their families for including us in their fabulous day!  Congratulations and enjoy Bali!

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Sally & John were married yesterday at St Andrew’s Episcopal in Fort Worth followed by a lovely afternoon reception at Artspace 111.  Two beautiful venues for two beautiful people.  We’ve gotten to know Sally & John and their families over the past few months and it was wonderful to see their personalities shine through on their wedding weekend.  Thank you for making us such a big part of your wedding – we’ve had a great time.  And once again – Congratulations!

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